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06 April 2010

Nichibunken - International Research Center for Japanese Studies


06 Apr 2010

International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto, Japan.

"The principal tasks of Nichibunken and the scholars affiliated with it are of three broad types. One, the business of scholars as individuals, it goes without saying, is to conduct their own research. Two, as an institute and as individuals, it is our job to provide assistance to researchers overseas in their studies of Japan. Three, it is our job to advance scholarship through interdisciplinary and international team research projects that we carry out together with scholars from within and from outside Japan."

Site contents:
* Outreach Programs and Events (Event News, Public Lectures, Public Symposium Lectures, Public Visitation Day, Tokyo Public Lectures, Nichibunken Forum, Special Public Lecture, Comprehensive Research Project on Traditional Japanese Arts and Culture, Event Registration, Internet Broadcast);
* Research Activities (Faculty Activities and Current Events, Research Department, Research Spheres and Research Foci, Team Research, Theory and Methodology Seminars, Findings of The Team Research Project, International Research Symposia, Civilization Research Project, Archives - Team Research Projects, Archives - Past Lectures and Research Meetings, Archives - Recent Publications, Graduate Education - Doctoral Program in Japanese Studies, Graduate Education - Special Research Students);
* Nichibuken Databases (# Search Engine, Cross-Referenced Search for Nichibunken Databases, Chronological Search, Keyword Search by Kigo (Season Word) (35,811 items),
# Web OPAC: Nichibunken Library Database (435,917 institutions), Z39.50,
# Japanese Studies Institutions Overseas: Database of Japanese Studies Institutions Overseas (1,655 items), Links - Alphabetically & Geographically,
# Nichibunken Publications Article Titles, Japan Review (197 items), Nihon kenkyu (437 items), Nichibunken Forum Report (122 items),
# Nichibunken Collection Rare Books & Research Materials: Rare Books (42 items), Catalogue of the pre-1900 printed books on Japan in European languages housed in the library of International Research Center for Japanese Studies (1,057 items), Foreign Images of Japan (56,911 items), Early Photographs (5,431 items), Japanese Art in Overseas Collections (5,883 items), Heian jinbutsu shi Information (927 pages), Heian jinbutsu shi tanzaku Information (947 items), SODA Collection: Pictorial and Miscellaneous Materials,Rare Books (1,104 items), Miyako nenju gyoji gajo (Picture Album of Annual Festivals in the Miyako) (103 items), Maps Database in the collection, WebGIS Japanese maps, Zuroku Bei-O kairan jikki (317 items), Kinsei kijinden: Sei and Zoku (97 items), Illustrations of Historic Places in Kyoto (24 items), Enpon (Ukiyo-e Erotic Books) (428 items), Chirimen Books (77 items), Database of illustrations of Modern Folklore (149 items), Emakimono (Picture Scrolls) (18 items), Noma collection (Rare European Medical Books) (28 items), A Heijipicture scroll volume digital diagram of a restored building, Collection from the Research Center for the History of Sino-Japanese Relations,
# Japanese Studies Research Materials: Folktale Data of Strange Phenomena and Yokai (Monstrous Beings) (35,701 items), Old Maps of Nagasaki (141 items), Civil Judgement Files (543,609 items), Mysterious Stories of Kannon Bodhisattva in Ukiyoe (100 items), Otake Dainichi-nyorai engi emaki (History of the Otake Buddha) (150 items), Bibliography of Family History ((8,154 items) and Historical Demography (1,603 items), Renga (197,228 items), Waka (190,423 items), Haikai (25,652 items), Art and Pictorial Collection nof Strage Phenomena and Yokai (Monstrous Beings) (11 items), Archaeological Spatial Analysis by Geographic Information System (GIS), High-resolution aerial photo (WebGIS), Database of Japanese Lexicon Research Publications, Lexical Association Example Database of Renga, Kojiruien Full Text Database, Kojiruien (Dictionary of Historical Terms) Database,
# Organization cooperation: Database of Ukiyo-e held at the Library of Congress (2,741 items), Nara Ehon (Nara picyure Books) (4 items), E'iri Genji monogatari Database, Ukiyo-e Geijyutsu (The Bulletins of International Ukiyo-e Society) Database);
* General Information (Address and Contact, Greetings from the Director, History, Activities, Nichibunken Topics, Transportation, Faculty and Staff, Facilities, Statistical Data, Library Use, About Research Cooperation, Research Cooperation, The Office of Research Exchange, Office for Virtual Resources, The Graduate University, Video of Nichibunken);
* Library Use;
* Employment and Study;
* Sitemap;
* Links (Links for Japanese Studies - Japan, Links for Japanese Studies - Around the World, Scholarly Periodicals, Scholarships /Fellowships, Research Projects, Faculty Personal HP, Inter-University Research Institutes Corporation, National Institutes for the Humanities, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies);
* Search;
* What's New.

[A bi-lingual (JP,EN) website - ed.]

URL: http://www.nichibun.ac.jp/welcome_e.htm

Internet Archive: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.nichibun.ac.jp/welcome_e.htm

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au)

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