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13 July 2009

Shakespeare Performance in Asia (SPIA)


13 Jul 2009

Shakespeare Electronic Archive, MIT Shakespeare Project, MIT, Cambridge, MA, US

"The center of creativity in Shakespeare performance is shifting from Europe and the U.S. to Asia, where directors such as Ninagawa Yukio, Suzuki Tadashi, Ong Keng Sen, Wu Hsing-kuo, and many others experiment with combinations of traditional and contemporary theatre, new strategies for working across languages and genres, new ways of reaching diverse audiences. [...]
Showcased here on Shakespeare Performance in Asia (SPIA) are video highlights with English subtitles, photos, and texts from Asia, the U.S. and Europe. This database is intended to promote cross-cultural understanding and serve as a core resource for students, teachers, and researchers.
* Current features of the archive include: * A catalogue of more than 200 productions compiled by Alex Huang, which will be continuously updated. * A collection of video clips from major productions. * Interactive maps and timelines. * Interviews and biographies of directors and actors. * Essays on Asian Shakespeare by major scholars.
Regular updates will greatly expand the above resources, and introduce new features, including glossaries of key terms and full videos of many productions."

Site contents:
* About
(About SPIA, About A S I A [Asian Shakespeare Interactive Archive, http://web.mit.edu/shakespeare/asia/about/asia.html] Collaborators MIT Team Contact);
* Productions
(Catalogue (241 titles) [films, stage productions, TV series, and cartoons produced on the Indian Subcontinent, in South Asia, SE Asia, East Asia, Pacific Islands, New Zealand (in Maori), Europe, and in the U.S. - ed.], Video clips (22));
* Commentary
(Essays (# Shakespeare, Asian Actors and Intercultural Spectatorship by Li Lan Yong, National University of Singapore # Shakespeare, Performance, and Autobiographical Interventions by Alexander Huang, Pennsylvania State University, # Hamlet in China: Translation, Interpretation and Performance by Ruru Li, University of Leeds), Interviews [Directors, actors, and other theater artists speak about their work - ed.], Artist bios (DEGUCHI, Norio; KURITA, Yoshihiro; LIN, Zhaohua; MIYAGI, Satoshi; NINAGAWA, Yukio; NOMURA, Mansai; ONG, Keng Sen; SUZUKI, Tadashi; TSE, David Ka-Shing; WU, Hsing-kuo), Companies (Beijing People's Art Theatre, Contemporary Legend Theater, Lin Zhaohua Drama Studio, Ku Na'uka Theatre Company, Ryutopia Noh Theater Shakespeare, Subaru Theater Company, TheatreWorks), Bibliography (Sources on Asian and International Shakespeare, Key Online Resources).

URL http://web.mit.edu/shakespeare/asia/

Link reported by: Alexander Huang (acyhuang05--at--gmail.com), forwarded by h-asia--at--h-net.msu.edu

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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