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23 July 2009

Census of India


23 Jul 2009

Office of the Registrar General, New Delhi, India.

"The Indian Census is the largest single source of a variety of statistical information on different characteristics of the people of India. With a history of more than 130 years, this reliable, time tested exercise has been bringing out a veritable wealth of statistics every 10 years, beginning from 1872 when the first census was conducted in India non-synchronously in different parts. To scholars and researchers in demography, economics, anthropology, sociology, statistics and many other disciplines, the Indian Census has been a fascinating source of data. The rich diversity of the people of India is truly brought out by the decennial census which has become one of the tools to understand and study India."

Site contents:
* Search Website;
* What's New (00-144-2001-Cen-Book(E). (Books), Marital Status and Age at Marriage. (Books), Workers and Non-Workers. (Books) more ...);
* [2001] Census Data Summary (1. National summary data, 2. India at a glance, 3. States at a glance, 4. District profile, 5. Census data finder, 6. Projected population, 7. Report on P.E.S. (2001 Census), 8. Meta data);
* Census Data Online (1. Administrative divisions, 2. Population, 3. Economic activity, 4. Socio-cultural aspects, 5. Migration, 6. Disability, 7. Languages and Mother Tongues, 8. Households population, 9. Area profile of India, states & districts, 10. Village Directory, 11. List of towns with population, 12. Census reference tables);
* Maps (1. State maps, 2. Theme based maps, 3. Town maps, 4. Maps Products, 5. [Interactive] Census GIS India);
* Data Products [Search for our Data Products];
* About Us (1. Census Organisation in India 2. Our network of offices 3. Personnel across our offices 4. Contact Us);
* Population Finder (by village/town Name or by State);
* Census Data Shop;
* Multipurpose National ID Card;
* Vital Statistics (Sample Registration System, Publications, Vital Rates, SRS Bulletins, View Baseline Survey 2004, Report of the Technical Group to Provide Technical Specifications, Summary-Report on causes of death: 2001-03 in India);
* Library (1. Census reading, 2. Old census reports [Census of India, 1941 Census of India, 1931 Census of India, 1921 Census of India, 1911 Census of India, 1881 Census Tables, 1941 Census Tables, 1931 Census Tables, 1911], 3. Data Processing Activity, 4. Acts and Rules).

[A bi-lingual (Hindi, English) site. Note: the former web site at http://censusindia.net/ is no longer operational - ed.]

URL http://www.censusindia.gov.in/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.censusindia.gov.in/

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