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08 July 2009

Blog Search of 8 July 2009 for "Urumqi" / "Urumchi"


08 Jul 2009

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Site contents
[http://blogsearch.google.com/blogsearch?q=urumqi on 8 July 2009, 11 am Eastern Australia Time Zone - ed.]:

* Global Voices Advocacy - Information on riots in Urumqi slow to ... 4 hours ago - by Bhumika Ghimire - "Twitter and YouTube appeared to be blocked in China late on Monday afternoon, while leading Chinese search engines would not give results for "Urumqi", the city in Xinjiang where the riots occurred. Urumqi residents also said the ... http://advocacy.globalvoicesonline.org/
* Shanghai Scrap - Tweeting Urumqi - 14 hours ago - by Adam - There are, of course, many correspondents in Urumqi who are not tweeting (several of whom are my friends), and who are doing important and brave work. Here's hoping everybody's safe. [UPDATE 7/7: For blog -based coverage of the unrest, ... http://shanghaiscrap.com/
* China Tries to Calm Urumqi as Mobs Take to Streets - 7 hours ago - Hundreds of Chinese from rival ethnic groups fought each other with machetes, metal pipes and bricks in the northwestern city of Urumqi, overcoming police attempts to quell the deadliest clashes in decades. http://www.prisonplanet.com/
* Amnesty Blogs: Countdown for China : Urumqi Massacre - 20 hours ago - The CCP produced another Massacre in Urumqi immediately after it incited bloody incident against Uighur in Guangdong. Meanwhile the Communist regime via official propaganda CCTV claimed that Rebiya Kadeer, exiled Uighur in the US, ... http://blogs.amnesty.org.uk/
* Hundreds of armed Han Chinese march in Urumqi - Democratic Underground - 13 hours ago - Police fired tear gas Tuesday to try to restore order as hundreds of Han Chinese armed with clubs marched through the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi, smashing shops and knocking over food stalls run by Muslims. ... http://www.democraticunderground.com/
* Hundreds Die In Urumqi. Does The World Care? - 19 hours ago - by Rebecca Byerly - According to the latest news reports from Urumqi, a far-flung city in western China, http://www.allfacebook.com/
* Harry Clarke - Urumqi fighting - 14 hours ago - by hc - Urumqi fighting. The current fighting in northwest China constitutes the biggest civil disturbances in China since Tiananmen in 1989 with at least 156 dead in the current violence - the most dead being Han Chinese. ... http://www.harryrclarke.com/
* Blood & Treasure: Urumqi MGI update - 9 hours ago - by jamie k - A couple more things on Xinjiang: During the Tibetan rioting last year, China Central television lead heavily on the fact that Han Chinese civilians had been targeted by Tibetans and some killed. This was acknowledged by foreigners who ... http://bloodandtreasure.typepad.com/blood_treasure/
* Neweurasia.Net - Riots in Urumqi - 18 hours ago - by Arseny - 156 people have been killed and 1080 wounded in Urumqi during massacre. Hundreds of vehicles and stores were burnt, and dozens of dwelling houses damaged. The government accuses foreign terrorists of inflicting the riots, ... neweurasia.net - http://www.neweurasia.net/
* The New Dominion - Images from Tuesday Urumqi Demonstrations - 2 hours ago - by OpkeHessip - Images from Tuesday Urumqi Demonstrations,china,culture,language,news,uighur,uighurs,uyghur,uyghurs,xinjiang. http://www.thenewdominion.net/

Site contents
[http://blogsearch.google.com/blogsearch?q=urumchi on 8 July 2009, 11 am Eastern Australia Time Zone - ed.]:

* Update on Urumchi | UN Dispatch - 11 hours ago - by Alanna Shaikh - Urumchi is now under martial law. The death toll is at 156 and rising; no one has a clear breakdown on how many deaths were caused by police and how many by the rioters. 1400 people have been arrested. The UK's Telegraph newspaper has a ... http://www.undispatch.com/
* Statement of Rebiya Kadeer on unrest in Urumchi - EUROPE TURKMEN ... 6 Jul 2009 by merryabla64 - Yesterday, in the regional capital of Urumchi, Chinese police and paramilitary forces cracked down on thousands of Uyghur demonstrators, killing hundreds and injuring hundreds more in a massacre that is unprecedented in East Turkestan ... http://merryabla64.wordpress.com/
* Mass Arrests and More Demonstrations in Urumchi - Tibettruth's Blog - 15 hours ago - by tibettruth - Local witnessses, reported on the newswire, described Chinese security forces sweeping through areas of Urumchi making house-to-house arrest. One woman, Maliya, said: "My husband was taken away yesterday by police. They didn't say why. ... http://tibettruth.wordpress.com/
* Uyghur Blog: Protest in Urumchi violently suppressed by Chinese ... 5 Jul 2009 by Uyghur News - On Sunday, July 5, 2009, Uyghur students organized a protest in Urumchi to express discontent with the Chinese authorities' response to the mob killing and beating of Uyghur workers at a toy factory in Shaoguan, Guangdong on June 26, ... http://memettohti.blogspot.com/
* The New Dominion - Riots in Urumchi - Video - 5 Jul 2009 by OpkeHessip - Riots in Urumchi - Video,china,culture,language,news,uighur,uighurs,uyghur,uyghurs,xinjiang. The New Dominion - Commentary, News, and... - http://www.thenewdominion.net/
* Rebiya Kadeer's statement on the Urumqi unrest - Hot Doughnut's Blog - 4 hours ago - by hotdoughnut - At the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. today, Uyghur democracy leader Rebiya Kadeer delivered a statement to the press regarding recent unrest in Urumchi and other cities in East Turkestan: Statement of Rebiya Kadeer ... http://hotdoughnut.wordpress.com/
* At the back of the hill: Shoot Them All, G -d Will Know His Own - 6 Jul 2009 by The back of the hill - Urumchi is in no way a Dutch 'aangelegenheid'. Wy hebben niks met Oeroemdjie te doen, echt. In most cultures, except perhaps that of the eastern Turks, it is considered extremely bad form to throw stones at your hosts. ... http://atthebackofthehill.blogspot.com/
* Tension mounts in China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on Sunday - 5 Jul 2009 by BayBak, Azerbaijan - Urumchi, the capital of Uyghur Autonomous Region in China, has seen the clash of protesters with the police. Official news agency Xinhua said that angry demonstrators blocked the traffic and set the vehicles on fire at several spots in ... http://en.baybak.com/

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