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02 March 2009

Center for Japanese Studies (CJS) Publications Program


02 Mar 2009

Center for Japanese Studies (CJS), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US

"The Center for Japanese Studies (CJS) promotes and disseminates research on Japan, fosters communication among diverse disciplines, and encourages new approaches in the understanding of Japan and its place in the world. Founded in 1947, CJS is the oldest interdisciplinary center in the United States devoted exclusively to Japanese Studies. CJS is also part of The University of Michigan's East Asia U.S. Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center, along with the Center for Chinese Studies and the Center for Korean Studies. [...] CJS Publications Program Founded in 1950, CJS's Publications Program publishes research on Japan. Works appear in three series (Michigan Monograph Series in Japanese Studies, Michigan Papers in Japanese Studies, and Michigan Classics in Japanese Studies) and as nonseries publications. [...] In addition, the Center makes books available in electronic format. In addition to having out-of-print books available online, we publish the peer-reviewed series Michigan Classics Online, and Faculty series, which contain online books and archival material edited by Center faculty members. Much of the archival material is in Japanese, and all books in English are available in searchable and downloadable formats."

Site contents:
* Monograph Series [Bibliographic details and abstracts only. The last five monographs include: 64 - A Page of Madness - Aaron Gerow; 63 - Daily Life and Demographics in Ancient Japan - William Wayne Farris; 62 - Preachers, Poets, Women, and the Way - R. Keller Kimbrough; 61 - White-haired Melody - Furui Yoshikichi. Translated by Meredith McKinney; 60 - The Bluestockings of Japan - Jan Bardsley];

* Classics Series [Bibliographic details only. The last five classics include: 25 - Paradise in the Sea of Sorrow - Ishimure Michiko, Translated with a New Introduction and Notes by Livia Monnet 24 - Christian Converts and Social Protest in Meiji Japan - Irwin Scheiner; 23 - Sanshiro - Natsume Soseki, Translated and with a Critical Essay by Jay Rubin; 22 - Victors' Justice - Richard H. Minear; 21 - The Splendor of Longing in the Tale of Genji - Norma Field];

* Papers Series [Bibliographic details only. The last five Michigan Papers in Japanese Studies include: 26 - My Life - Sumii Sue, Interviewed by Masuda Reiko. Introduction by Livia Monnet. Translated by the Ashi Translation Society; 25 - The Tale of Saigyo - Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Meredith McKinney; 24 - A Student Guide to Japanese Sources in the Humanities - Yasuko Makino and Masaei Saito; 23 - Literary Patronage in Late Medieval Japan - Edited by Steven D. Carter; 22 - Japanese Educational Productivity - Edited by Robert Leestma and Herbert J. Walberg];

* Nonseries Publications [Bibliographic details and abstracts only - Japan in the World, the World in Japan - Edited by the Center for Japanese Studies, The University of Michigan; Tanizaki in Western Languages - Adriana Boscaro, With a List of Films Based on Tanizaki's Works Compiled by Maria Roberta Novielli; Japan Election Data - Steven R. Reed; Supplementary Grammar Notes to An Introduction to Modern Japanese, Part 2 - Mutsuko Endo Simon; Supplementary Grammar Notes to An Introduction to Modern Japanese, Part 1 - Mutsuko Endo Simon; Windows on the Japanese Past - Edited by Richard J. Pearson, Coeditors, Gina Lee Barnes and Karl L. Hutterer; A Practical Guide for Teachers of Elementary Japanese - Mutsuko Endo Simon];

* Electronic Publications:
** Michigan Classics Online (# Ozu and the Poetics of Cinema By David Bordwell, with a new introduction by the author. Originally published in 1988. # Concerned Theatre Japan Edited by David G. Goodman, with a new introduction by the editor. Originally published from 1969 to 1973. # The Social Democratic Movement in Prewar Japan By George O. Totten III. Originally published in 1966. # To the Distant Observer By Noel Burch, with a new introduction by Harry Harootunian. Originally published in 1979. # Japanese Cinema - Film Style and National Character By Donald Richie, with a new introduction by the author. Originally published in 1971);

** CJS Faculty Series (# Motion Pictures Reprint Series - Edited by Abe Mark Nornes);

** Out-of-Print Books Online (In Mar 2009 there were 53 items in this collection, including: ( # [1984] - The American automobile industry - rebirth or requiem? / edited by Robert E. Cole; # [1950] Bibliographic materials in the Japanese language on Far Eastern archeology and ethnology / Richard K. Beardsley, with John B. Cornell and Edward Norbeck; # [1950] A bibliography of Japanese dialects / Robert H. Brower. # [1990] The Buddhist poetry of the Great Kamo Priestess - Daisaiin Senshi and Hosshin Wakashu / Kamens, Edward);

* Ordering Information.

URL http://www.umich.edu/~iinet/cjs/publications/

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by: Aaron Gerow (aaron.gerow--at--yale.edu), forwarded by h-asia--at--h-net.msu.edu

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