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23 March 2009

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library [The 15th Anniversary]


23 Mar 2009

Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies (RSPAS), ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Supplied note:
"The Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library was established at the RSPAS, ANU on 24 March 1994, i.e. it has been operating for over 37% of the Internet's history. The AS WWW V is an authoritative, continuously updated hypertext guide and access tool to 'Asian Studies' scholarly resources on the Internet. The AS WWW VL presently is (or - for a period of time - has been) edited by a world-wide distributed team of volunteer "virtual librarians".

They are (in alphabetical order):
# David Arnott (darnott--at--iprolink.ch), Online Burma/Myanmar Library, Switzerland; # John Burton (john.burton--at--anu.edu.au), The Australian National University, Australia; # Tim Beal (tim.beal--at--vuw.ac.nz), Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; # Eva Baloch-Kaloianov (a8805224--at--unet.univie.ac.at), Department of Chinese Studies, Vienna University, Austria; # T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au); # Eduardo Contreras (eduardoc--at--mail.utexas.edu), University of Texas, Austin, US; # Michael Cookson (michael.cookson--at--anu.edu.au), The Australian National University, Australia; # Nixi Cura (nixicura--at--yahoo.com), Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, US; # Richard B. Dasher (rdasher--at--stanford.edu), Stanford University, US; # Martin Gieselmann (martin.gieselmann--at--ccc.villa-bosch.de), University of Heidelberg, Germany; # John Goulde (goulde--at--sbc.edu), Asian Studies Program, Sweet Briar College, US; # Brian Hobbs (webmaster--at--fivedeck.com), www.fivedeck.com, US; # Moo-Young Han (myhan--at--phy.duke.edu), Duke University, US; # Irena M. Goltz (c/o tmciolek--at--ciolek.com, Australia; # Rob Hurle (rob--at--coombs.anu.edu.au), The Australian National University, Australia; # Rohan Hettiarachchi (rohan--at--tip.nl), University Hospital of Amsterdam (AMC), Netherlands; # Matthias Kaun (matthias.kaun--at--sbb.spk-berlin.de), Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, East Asia Department, Berlin, Germany; # Siu-Leung Lee (webmaster--at--asiawind.com), InTechTra/Asiawind, US; # Eleanor Lisney (elisney--at--yahoo.com), Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Texas at Austin, Texas, US; # Hanno Lecher (contact via http://www.sino.uni-heidelberg.de/staff/lecher/), Leiden University, The Netherlands; # David Magier (magier--at--columbia.edu), Columbia University, US; # Rita Merkle (rmerkle--at--gw.sino.uni-heidelberg.de), University of Heidelberg, Germany; # Susan MacDougall (susan.macdougall--at--alianet.alia.org.au), Canberra, Australia; # Serge Noiret (serge.noiret--at--iue.it), European University Institute, Florence, Italy; # Frank Poyas (nzvl--at--austudies.org), Australian Studies Network, USA & Australia; # Vincent K Pollard (pollard--at--hawaii.edu), Asian Studies Program, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, Hawaii, US; # Kevin M. Roddy (kroddy--at--hawaii.edu), Kapi'olani Community College, Honolulu, Hawaii, University of Hawai'i at Hilo, US; # Mitch Rice (mitch--at--bloomington.in.us), Mongolia Society, US; # David Rosenberg (rosenber--at--middlebury.edu), Middlebury College, US; # Andrew Abella dela Serna (andrew--at--alleba.com), alleba.com, New York, NY, US; # Mahendra B. Shrestha (shrestha--at--catmando.com), AMAA Network Consultant, US; # Pao Saykao (drpao--at--lexicon.net), Vicnet, Australia; # Gene R. Thursby (gene.thursby--at--yahoo.com), University of Florida, US; # Katerina Teaiwa (katerina.teaiwa--at--anu.edu.au), The Australian National University, Australia; # Frank Unlandherm (unlandhe--at--columbia.edu), Columbia University, US; # Vern Weitzel (vern.weitzel--at--undp.org); # Nelson Wong (nelsonyswong--at--gmail.com), Malaysia; # Robert Y. Eng (eng--at--jasper.uor.edu), University of Redlands, CA, US.

Their self-imposed task, which has been performed flawlessly and harmoniously over the last fifteen years is to maintain accurate, comprehensive, current, and annotated catalogs of online resources selected on the strength of their reliability, authority and usefulness to inquiry and analysis regarding Asian societies, politics, economies, histories, and cultures.

In early March 2009 the The Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library site had rank no 2 at www.google.com out of 21,500,000 'asian studies' pages world-wide - tmc."

Site contents:
* Asian Studies WWW VL - Asian Continent:
(Search Asian Studies WWW VL [Asian Studies WWW VL Search Engines, SIMPLE engines: The Top Eight Databases, SIMPLE engines: Asia Databases, MULTI-THREADED engines, SIMPLE engines: Other Databases, Using the Search Engines: Practical Knowledge, Search Engines Registers, Online Guides & Query Systems], Asian Studies WWW Monitor [ISSN 1329-9778, est. 21 April 1994], The Best of The Asian Studies WWW Monitor Blog, Acronyms used by Asian / Pacific Studies' scholars: a dictionary, Asia: E-Lists Register, Asia: E-Journals Register, Asia: Meta-Resources Register, Asia: Online Bookshops, Asia: Public Health VL, Asian Continent VL as a whole, Asia-Pacific Library Conferences, Asia-Pacific Live Newsfeeds at global, regional and country level, Asian/Pacific Studies Subject-Oriented Bibliographies, The AnthroGlobe Bibliographies, Asian Studies Online: a Timeline of Major Developments, Asian & Pacific Studies - Historical Photographs, Chinese and Japanese Art History VL, Chinese Cultures Abroad Directory, Political Asian & Middle Eastern Cyberspace and its Watchers: a Register, Study Abroad Asia VL);

* Asian Studies WWW VL - Regions:
(2004 Tsunami Disaster - scholarly and factual analyses, Caucasus VL, The archival site of Central Asia VL, History VL: Central Asia, South Asia VL, The archival site of South East Asia VL, South China Sea VL, East Asia VL, Middle East VL, Pacific Ocean VL);

* Asian Studies WWW VL - Individual Countries and Select Areas/Territories:
(The archival site of Afghanistan VL, History VL: Afghanistan, The archival site of Armenia VL, History VL: Armenia, The archival site of Australia VL, History VL: Australia, The archival site of Azerbaijan VL, Bahrain VL, History VL: Bahrain, Bangladesh VL, The archival site of Brunei VL, Burma/Myanmar VL, The archival site of Bhutan VL, The archival site of Cambodia VL, Chechnya VL, China VL, History VL: China, The archival site of East Timor VL, The archival site of E. Turkistan VL, Georgia VL, The archival site of Hawai'i VL, Hawai'i Politics VL, Hong Kong VL, India VL, History VL: India, Indonesia VL, History VL: Indonesia, Iran VL, History VL: Iran, Iraq VL, History VL: Iraq, Israel VL, History VL: Israel, The archival site of Palestine VL, History VL: Palestine, Japan VL, History VL: Japan, Jordan VL, History VL: Jordan, Kashmir VL, The archival site of Kazakhstan VL, North Korea VL, South Korea VL, The Korean Keyboard, Kurdistan VL, Kuwait VL, History VL: Kuwait, The archival site of Kyrgyzstan VL, Laos VL, Lebanon VL, History VL: Lebanon, Macau VL, Malaysia VL, The archival site of Maldives VL, Mongolia VL, Nepal VL, The archival site of New Zealand VL, History VL: New Zealand, N. Cyprus VL (Turkish Rep.), History VL: Cyprus, Oman VL, History VL: Oman, Pakistan VL, Papua VL (Irian Jaya), Papua New Guinea VL, The archival site of Philippines VL, Alleba Filipino Directory VL, History VL: Philippines, Qatar VL, History VL: Qatar, The archival site of Russian Far East VL, History VL: Russia, Saudi Arabia VL, History VL: Saudi Arabia, The archival site of Siberia VL, History VL: Russia, The archival site of Singapore VL, Sri Lanka VL, Syria VL, History VL: Syria, The archival site of Taiwan VL, The archival site of Tajikistan VL, Thailand VL, Tibet VL, Tibetan Studies Resources Blog, Turkey VL, History VL: Turkey, The archival site of Turkmenistan VL, United Arab Emirates, History VL: UAE, The archival site of Uzbekistan VL, History VL: Uzbekistan, Vietnam VL, Yemen VL, History VL: Yemen);

* About the AS WWW VL Project; * AS WWW VL Timeline; * Editors of the AS WWW VL; * Associates of the AS WWW VL; * Seven Golden Rules; * Contents' Rating; * Acknowledgements & Awards; * Register New Resources; * Send Feedback & Corrections.

URL http://coombs.anu.edu.au/WWWVL-AsianStudies.html

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://coombs.anu.edu.au/WWWVL-AsianStudies.html

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au)

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