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10 September 2008

Southeast Asia Visions (SAV) - a Collection of Historic Travel Narratives


10 Sep 2008

Cornell University Library, Ithaca, NY, US.

Self-description: "The site provides online access to more than 350 books and journal articles written in English and French. The works in the collection were selected for the quality of their first-hand observations and, together, provide a comprehensive representation of Southeast Asia. Along with their narratives, these accounts include some 10,000 images, drawings, photographs, prints and maps, many of them in color. [...] The Visions collection includes the written and photographed experiences of Europeans and Americans who traveled to Southeast Asia during the period of imperialism. The peoples of Southeast Asia experienced waves of colonization beginning in 1511 when the Portuguese took Melaka, a strategic and thriving port city on the Malay Peninsula. The Spanish established a colony in the Philippines which they ruled from the 1560s until 1899 when the United States ousted the Spanish and governed the colony until Philippine independence in 1946. The Dutch gradually conquered the areas known today as Indonesia beginning in 1596 and ending after WWII. The British Empire, centered in South Asia, moved into the Malay Peninsula and Burma by the early 1800s but did not withdraw from Burma until 1948 and Malaysia and Singapore until 1957. France established a foothold in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos, an area grouped under the rubric of French Indochina and ruled by the French from the mid-to-late 1800s until after WWII."

Site contents:
* Search (Boolean, Proximity, Bibliographic, Search History)
* Browse (Author, Title [listed A to Z, i.e. FROM: # An account of an embassy to the kingdom of Ava, : sent by the Governor-General of India, in the year 1795 by Symes, Michael (1800), # An account of the wild tribes inhabiting the Malayan Peninsula, Sumatra, and a few neighbouring islands, with a journey in Johore and a journey in the Menangkabaw states of the Malayan Peninsula by Favre, Pierre Etienne Lazare (1865), # Acheen, and the ports on the north and east coasts of Sumatra : with incidental notices of the trade in the eastern seas, and the aggressions of the Dutch by Anderson, John (1840), # Across Chryse : being the narrative of a journey of exploration through the south China border lands from Canton to Mandalay, vol.1 by Colquhoun, Archibald R. (Archibald Ross) (1883) TO: # A yankee on the Yangtze : being a narrative of a journey from Shanghai through the central kingdom to Burma by Geil, William Edgar (1904), # A year on the Irrawaddy by E. M. P-B. (1911), # Yesterdays in the Philippines by Stevens, Joseph Earle (1899), # De Zieke reiziger, or, Rambles in Java and the Straits : in 1852 by Edwards, William (1853) - ed.], Date, Image Date, Image Ethnic Information, Image Format, Image Geographic Information, Image Keyword);
* Collection (Historical Context, Geographic Context, Significance of These Accounts, Bibliography);
* Project; * Help.

URL http://dlxs.library.cornell.edu/s/sea/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/http://dlxs.library.cornell.edu/s/sea/

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