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09 September 2008

Moluccan history and culture in pictures


09 Sep 2008

The Moluccan Historical Museum (MHM), Utrecht, The Netherlands.

"In 1951, circa 12,500 Moluccans were transported from Java to the Netherlands. They were mostly soldiers who had served in the Dutch colonial army (KNIL), and their relatives. After the transfer of sovereignty and the disbandment of the KNIL, Indonesia, the Netherlands and the Moluccan soldiers were unable to reach an agreement regarding the demobilisation site. Finally, it was decided to transfer the Moluccans temporarily to the Netherlands. For most, it turned out to be impossible to return.
The photo collection of Museum Maluku [i.e. Moluccan Historical Museum, http://www.museum-maluku.nl/ - ed.] provides an image of the Moluccans' history in the Netherlands and of the developments in the Moluccan community from 1951 up to the present. The collection also gives an insight into the relation that the Netherlands and the Dutch Moluccans have with the Moluccas."

Site contents:
* Intro; * About the collection; * Historical background; * Related external sites (National Foundation for the Education of Moluccans, Moluccan Youth website, [Dutch] National Archive); * Bibliography; * Colophon; * Search in collection; * Browse collection (by persons, by location, by keyword).

URL http://www.geheugenvannederland.nl/?/en/collecties/molukse_geschiedenis_en_cultuur_in_beeld

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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