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Fortunately, in several cases it is possible to access many of the older versions of the resources listed in the MONITOR. This can be easily done via the free services of the "The Internet Archive" http://web.archive.org/, a remarkable brainchild of Brewster Kahle, San Francisco, CA.

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20 April 2006

Asian Studies WWW Monitor - 12th Anniversary


20 Apr 2006

Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies (RSPAS), The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Supplied note:
"The Asian Studies WWW Monitor (ISSN 1329-9778) was first published on the 21st April 1994, originally under a title 'What's New in WWW Asian Studies Online Newsletter.' The electronic journal forms a key part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library (AS WWW VL) Project (http://coombs.anu.edu.au/WWWVL-AsianStudies.html) which itself was established only one month earlier. The Journal tracks the current developments in the Asian Studies' cyberspace and provides timely and impartial summaries and evaluations of the latest web sites and other online information resources relevant to research of Asia and the Pacific region.

During the 12 years of operations (= 248 issues) the journal has published details (i.e. TOCs and short summaries of the content, resource's general type/category, details of its publisher, evaluation of its scholarly usefulness, and the count of external hyperlinks leading to it) of 4,813 web, gopher, ftp and email resources (= approx. 33.4 abstracts/month). All past issues of the Monitor are freely accessible online in the form of archived web pages, as well as a database, and provide a rich record of the key developments in online Asian Studies from the early 1994 till today. (See also 'Asian Studies Online - a Timeline of Major Developments', http://coombs.anu.edu.au/asian-studies-timeline.html). Since Oct 2005 the most valuable online scholarly materials revieved by the Monitor are also listed in a blog THE BEST OF THE ASIAN STUDIES WWW MONITOR (http://asia-www-monitor.blogspot.com).

On the eve of its twelfth anniversary, the e-mail edition of the journal (asia-www-monitor@coombs.anu.edu.au) had 5,323 subscribers. Selected portions of the Monitor are frequently republished by other scholarly mailing lists, including the prestigious H-ASIA@h-net.msu.edu. On the 20th April 2006 the Monitor's web site had the Google (www.google.com) rank #4 among about 147,000,000 online documents dealing with 'asian studies.' According to Altavista (www.altavista.com) the Monitor is linked to from over 723 external web pages - tmc."


Internet Archive

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