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26 October 2005

Photo Dictionary of Japan's Buddhist Gods and Goddessess


OnmarkProductions.com, Kamakura City, Japan

Supplied note: "Japanese Buddhism & Shintoism A-to-Z Photo Dictionary (1,000+ photos), with a special focus on Japanese Buddhist sculpture. - ms."

Site contents:
* Search site; * JAPANESE BUDDHISM -- Intro Page; Main Menu; Nyorai Group; Bosatsu Group; Myo-o Group; Tenbu Group; Hands (Mudra); Cycle of Suffering; Schools / Sects; Terminology;
* A to Z -- 3 Tier Pagoda; 4 Celestial Emblems; 4 Heavenly Kings; 5 Elements; 5 Tier Pagoda; 5 Tathagata; 5 Wisdom Kings; 6 Realms; 7 Lucky Gods; 8 Legions; 8 Zodiac Protectors; 12 Devas; 12 Generals; 12 Zodiac Animals; 28 Legions; About the Author; Agyo; Amano Jyaku; Amida Nyorai; Arakan (Rakan); Arhat (Rakan); Ashuku Nyorai; Asura (Ashura); Bamboo; Benzai-ten; Bibliography; Big Buddha; Birushana Nyorai; Bishamon-ten; Bodhisattva; Bosatsu Group; Bosatsu of Mercy; Bosatsu on Clouds; Buddha (Historical); Buddha Group; Calligraphy; Celestial Emblems; Child Protectors; Classifying; Daibutsu; Daikoku-ten; Dainichi Nyorai; Daruma (Zen); Deva (Tenbu); Dosojin; Dragon; Ebisu; Eight Legions; Estores; Family Tree; Footprints of Buddha; Fox (Oinari); Fugen Bosatsu; Fukurokuju; Gakko & Nikko; Gardens; Gravestones; Godai Nyorai; Goddess of Mercy; Goddesses; Hachi Bushu; Hachiman; Hands (Mudra); Henge; Holy Mountains; Ho-o (Phoenix); Hotei; Ishidoro | Ishidourou; Jikokuten; Jizo Bosatsu; Juni Shi; Juni Shinsho; Juni Ten; Junrei (Pilgrimage); Jurojin; Jyaki or Tentoki; Kannon Bosatsu; Kappa; Kariteimo (Kishibojin); Karura; Kendatsuba; Kichijouten; Kishibojin (Kariteimo); Kitsune (Oinari); Kokuzo Bosatsu; Koumokuten; Lanterns (Stone); Links; Mandara (Mandala); Maneki Neko; Miroku Bosatsu/Nyorai; Monju Bosatsu; Monkeys; Mudra (Hands); Myo-o; Newsletter; Nijuhachi Bushu; Nikko & Gakko; Ninpinin; Nio Protectors; Nyorai Group; Oinari (Fox); Phoenix (Ho-o); Pilgrimage Guide; Pottery; Protective Stones; Rakan (Arhat); Raigo Triad; Reincarnation; Rock Gardens; Seishi Bosatsu; Sendan Kendatsuba; Seven Lucky Gods; Shaka Nyorai; Shape Shifters; Shichifukujin; Shijin (Shishin); Shinto Concepts; Shinto Main Menu; Shinto Shrines; Shishi (Lion); Shitenno; Shoki; Siddhartha; Six States; Stone Gardens; Stone Graves; Stone Lanterns; Stones (Top Menu); Suijin (Water Kami); Tamonten; Taishakuten; Tanuki; Temples; Tenbu Group; Tengu; Tentoki or Jyaki; Terminology; Tibetan Carpets; Tibet Photos; Tibetan Tanka; Transmigration; Ungyo; Water Basin; Wheel of Life; Yakushi Nyorai; Yasha (Yaksha); Zen (Daruma); Zen Art Tour; Zouchoten

A brilliant and informative site - ed.


Internet Archive (web.archive.org)

Link reported by:
Mark Schumacher (mls-at-onmarkproductions.com)

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