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07 October 2005

Japan Focus Weekly Newsletter



The Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, US

"About Japan Focus - Japan Focus [est. Aug 2002, ISSN: 1557-4660 - ed.] is a refereed electronic journal and and fully-indexed archive that chronicles Japan and the Asia-Pacific in global perspective, encompassing politics, economics, society, history, culture, international relations, war and peace, and historical memory. In addition to Japan Focus exclusives, it presents translations from Japanese and other languages as well as reprints of important texts. Japan Focus draws on the writings of researchers, journalists, policy analysts and writers throughout Asia and the Pacific, North America, Europe and Australia. Its fully indexed website provides a permanent resource for researchers on the Asia-Pacific. Subscribers receive a weekly mailing announcing and introducing four to eight new articles. Coordinators -
Andrew DeWit, Laura Hein, Gavan McCormack, David McNeill, Mark Selden, Yuki Tanaka, Julia Yonetani."

Supplied note:
"[W]e recently posted our 400th article, and we have become the electronic journal on Japan and the Asia-Pacific with a weekly mailing providing entree to approximately 6-8 articles a week and coverage extending to politics, economic, culture, history, international affairs and much more. - ms."

Site contents:
About Japan Focus; View All; Search Texts; Resources (links to: Asia Times; Critical Asian Studies; Japan Policy Research Institute; Japanese Society Series; Kyoto Journal; Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability; TomDispatch); Administration

Japan (Okinawa); Japan & the World (United States, (Asia (China, Taiwan, Korea, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Central/Western Asia, Middle East, South Asia), Russia, Europe, Other); War and Peace; War & Terror; Nationalism; Security Strategy; Politics; Emperor System; Judicial System; Economics/Finance (Natural Resources, Environment, Development); Social Change (Agricultural/Rural, Urban, Poverty, Immigration, Health and Welfare); Labor; Education; Culture; Women/Gender; Minorities; People's Movements (Peace, Citizens); History (Atomic Bomb/Nuclear War,The Pacific War and World War II, Colonialism and Empire, Historical Memory); Japanese Lives; Asian/Pacific Lives; Review Essays; Responses.


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Mark Selden (ms44@cornell.edu)

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