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13 October 2005

International Journal of Tantric Studies (IJTS)


Asiatica Association, Milano, Italy

Supplied note:
"Dear Colleagues, In May 2005 we have celebrated our 10th birth anniversary. We want to inaugurate the 11th year of the International Journal of Tantric Studies with vol. 7-1 [at the URL below] Paper: 'Beyond The Hindu Frontier, Jaina-Vaisnava Syncretism in the Gujarati Diaspora', 1st part, by Dr. Peter Fluegel (Chair of the Centre of Jaina Studies, SOAS). The article deals with the Akram Vijnan movement and is based on Fluegel's intermittent fieldwork between 1997-2004 in Ahmedabad, London, Mumbai, Surat, and Baroda. The paper also offers original Gujarati ritual texts. Most of the texts have been published in the pamphlet literature of the Akram Vij–an Marg. The paper is accompanied by the original pictures by the author. The 2nd part of the paper will be published in a few days.

On the occasion of our birthday I want to thank all our editors, Roberto Donatoni (Adelphi Edizioni, Italy), Prof. Minoru Hara (Tokyo University, Japan), Prof. Karel van Kooij (Leiden University, The Nederlands), Prof. David N. Lorenzen (El Colegio de Mexico, Mexico), Prof. Benjamin Prejado (El Colegio de Mexico, Mexico), Prof. Michael Rabe (Saint Xavier University, USA), Prof. Debabrata Sensharma (Kurukshetra University, India). My special thanks to Prof. Michael Witzel, our Co-Editor, and to our Technical Editor, Dr. Ludovico Magnocavallo.
Happy reading! - eg. "


Internet Archive:
[Only issues Vol. 6(1) (Sep 2002) and earlier ones are accessible from http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.asiatica.org/ijts/]

Link reported by:
Enrica Garzilli (garzilli@shore.net)

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