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12 October 2005

The India-China Project WWW blog


indiachinaproject.blogspot.com, google.com, CA, US.

Supplied note:
"The aim of the blog is to bring together important reportage and commentary on strategic matters pertaining to China with an India-centric perspective. The blog is aimed at generating some informed discussion on the rise of China and its implications for India and the larger Asia-Pacific region. We hope that that as we get going we will be able to attract an audience that will look to this blog as a source of informed commentary and reportage on strategic developments involving India and the Asia-Pacific region. We also hope that you will participate in some of the interesting debates that will emerge in the future. It is sponsored by the M. L. Sondhi Institute of Asia-Pacific Affairs, New Delhi. - hvp."

Most recent posts (in early Oct 2005):
* When will China face up to its history? * China-India Economic Engagement: Building Mutual Confidence * The CCP gathers and misses the point * Re-examining Mao's legacy * Propects for a democratic China * US Debates the Rise of China, Once Again * China's Future: Brzezinski versus Mearsheimer * Tackling Income Disparities and Tightening Grip over Media: China's Communists in a Quandary * China Takes the Lead In Asia-Pacific * China-Japan Tensions * Rural Unrest in China * Why Did Secretary Rice Miss APEC? * Washington Post dissects US China problems

The ICP blog was established in Apr 2005. - ed.


Internet Archive (web.archive.org)
[the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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Harsh V. Pant (hpant@nd.edu), forwarded by (h-asia@h-net.msu.edu)

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