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28 September 2005

Russia Eurasia Terror Watch



ARMMSI, Washington, DC, US

Supplied note:
"Washington, D.C. ARMMSI, a not-for-profit education, training, and communication organization, recently unveiled its new daily news and analysis website Russia Eurasia Terror Watch www.retwa.org. The website focuses exclusively on terror related news and analysis in Russia and Eurasia. Dr. Paul Murphy, author of the controversial book Wolves of Islam: Russia and the Faces of Chechen Terror and a former U.S. Counterterrorism official who spent the last decade in Russia, is the site's director.

'We are unique. RETWA collects the latest news in the Russian language and simultaneously translates it into English for our readers. RETWA is the only site of its kind on the net offering up-to-the-minute news reporting as well as analysis. The site will serve as a primary resource for the media, academia, researchers, policy makers, and analysts who want to better understand and evaluate the complex issues surrounding extremism and terror in Russia and the Eurasian region, says Dr. Murphy. ' - lm."

Site contents:
* Terror Chronology (Terror Attacks, Threats, Police Activities, Trials, and Related Information); * News Archives; * Analysis; * Links; * Interviews; * Event Calendar; * Terrorist Profiles; * Photo Gallery; * About Us; * Support RETWA; * Contact RETWA; * Bookshelf; * Link to Our News; * Become a Correspondent; * Russian Edition; * Terms of Use.


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[the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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L. Mitchell (mitchell@retwa.org)

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